Why Xamarin App Development Best For Both Android And iOS Platforms?

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Developed by one of those tech-giants Microsoft, Xamarin is a powerful application used to develop applications and write code for multiple platforms or cross-platform. It is approved by roughly 1 million programmers around the world. However, mobile application development community comprised of these developers who want to make only native mobile apps for every platform for a realistic look and feel and there are a few developers for whom this manner is quite expensive since they don’t wish to devote a massive amount of money for several versions of the same mobile program.

Here are a Few of the reasons to utilize Xamarin for app development:

• One-time Code

To get Xamarin mobile application development, developers need to learn only C#. So, by writing the code for an app based on Xamarin, developers avoid the additional time to learn this facet.

By technical perspective, it is quite difficult for the programmers to learn Objective-C and Java collectively as their core courses such as backgrounds and libraries are all different. To resolve 1 problem, developers need to learn two distinct approaches. It costs more as it takes some time to learn that. To create a Xamarin application, studying C# is enough and can be shown effective on every stage.

• Unlimited UI

Both the Android and iOS platforms have their own look patterns and behavior that the programmers will need to follow as the native apps seem like each other. That’s why the appearance and feel of the application is extremely important.

Every feature has its roundabouts and swings, but by utilizing Xamarin UI, the programmer would make a great choice. It doesn’t induce them to utilize any standard or common pattern opposite to Android or iOS. They can create any environment as per their expertise and taste, for their customers. It may be carried out by employing the drag-and-drop choice in Xamarin.Forms.

Applications according to Xamarin looks native since it utilizes all of the common services and features to the platforms. And that’s why the app does not look stranger and feel foreign.

By the technical aspect too, Xamarin can create native-like software because it uses iOS and Android-specific. Net libraries and courses that bring their specific characteristics to every app.

• Minimize The Market Time

To develop the application separately for Android and iOS to acquire native applications, developers need to do everything twice as executing their application’s logic for Android and iOS individually, adjusting the bugs twice, and do the compilation twice.

But with Xamarin app development, both the price and time is stored because developers do not need to repeat this process every time for different platforms. Xamarin teams have the ability to deliver the solution for the two Android and iOS quicker and decrease the market time.

• Less Errors

Xamarin needs comparatively less coding and also the development group of Xamarin work together with one another and examine the app to address the issue and deliver high-quality solutions.

• Good Potential

For app development, there are the variety of apps. But likely, there would be several leading platforms in the future and businesses have to concentrate on each. For that, either they’d hire several groups or the developers of the company is going to learn each development environment. Both the items are practically not possible.

To achieve that, they want a tool to allow them to efface the boundaries and gaps between technologies and run their app onto multiple devices cheaper and faster. Xamarin could be shown as a perfect tool for it.


A lot of code written separately for Android and iOS is generic and common. It doesn’t matter the way the programmer accomplishes it. The rates paid by the companies for the native development is extremely high and their staff also does a dual job.

To overcome this rate and above work issues, Xamarin cross-platform app development is the best solution. It allows the programmers write the code once and run it everywhere, plus, it lets them focus on the design of an outstanding application with appealing and amazing features and then release to the consumers.

Why Xamarin App Development Best For Both Android And iOS Platforms?

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This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Cheers!

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