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Android Pay, Google’s contact less payment process, allows for ease of purchase of several goods and services in several countries across the world and in partnership with tens of thousands of banks. Google offers a similar service in the form of Tez in India, and you will find other contact-less payment suppliers in various different countries. Now Google is looking to boost their Android Pay attention once more by testing notifications for all credit card purchases.

If you’ve ever purchased anything with PayPal while the PayPal app is installed onto your device, you will understand that if you buy a product through your PayPal account that you will be given a notification saying that you paid a specific amount to whatever company it was. It’s a security feature and also a fairly neat way to tell how much you paid when you buy items in different currencies, because it will also convert it to the regional currency. That is by and large a security feature, however, and Google will now be implementing it too, together with a little extra.

As may be seen in the screenshots above, not only are there a few notification configurations for your own purchases, but also Android Pay really shows you non-Android Pay trades based upon the bank that you’re with. This allows you to keep track of your trades easily, and handle purchases too within precisely the exact same program as you presumably may use the support when out and about. As you can see, you can find quite a lot of choices including gift and loyalty card alarms too, and a notification telling you that you are really near an Android Pay supporting store! All of this ought to help you keep conscious of how much you are spending, and keep tabs on how that money is being spent. It can also help you spot suspicious activity should a person access your credit card details. This feature doesn’t appear to be outside for everyone yet, but hopefully it’ll make its way to your apparatus soon!

Author : Inwizards is a leading Android Development company based in USA, UAE, India. 

Android Pay Tests Notifications – Tez

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