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The battery management system is a hi-tech smart IoT integrated device. This IoT device is a futuristic mechanization designed to transform the game of e-vehicle operating.

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The BMS will manage overall battery operations and keep the organization and users informed of its progress.

With this comprehensive software tool, you can track, monitor, troubleshoot and control your fleet of electric vehicles in real-time.

In addition, the battery management system is a single device that works like a one-man army which will fix your position in the EV segment market.

Retrofit Vehicle vs New Vehicle

Retrofitting involves reducing emissions from older engines by either adding emission control devices, rebuilding engine components or replacing existing equipment without replacing the vehicle.

Since the past 2-3 years, vehicles have started being converted to e-vehicles. So, the conversion market will be on the boom by 2030 and this is a golden opportunity to get your hands on the IoT device and get Live Monitoring, Smart Analytics, Remote assistance, data visualization with the powerhouse device.

Why Smart-Eye Device?

This hi-tech device is a revolution in the segment of booming e-vehicle business. The duty of preserving the world in which we live has compelled us to seek alternative sustainable solutions that will not hurt the environment. Electric automobiles are one such alternative that does not emit any pollution.

Because each cell must be continually checked to guarantee that there are no voltage swings or imbalances in voltage conditions, this mandates the employment of a Battery Management System (BMS), an integrated system that monitors the components closer to the battery cell.

The BMS is made up of many components that work together to guarantee that the battery functions efficiently and without any potential faults.

Battery management system will raise the graph of your business

The integrated IoT device is a high-tech streamlined solution that includes battery management and fleet management software. This sturdy equipment will assist you in carving out a niche in a competitive market and providing a distinctive personality in the marketplace.

Additionally, it will assist you in gaining client trust, which will increase your company's sales and earnings.

Here's a rundown of the many functions offered by the BMS.

  • Locate nearby charging stations- You can quickly identify local battery charging outlets by using your smartphone app.
  • Monitor the battery data- User can monitor the data like, battery level, no. of Kms driven, approximate no. of Kms that can be travelled, service offered to no. of passengers, revenue earned.
  • Anti-theft features-
  • Over the Air(OTA) updates- OTA updates allow for the constant updating and improvement of a vehicle's performance and features. Because of technological breakthroughs in these upgrades, manufacturers now have the ability to continuously "freshen up" final products remotely.
  • On-board navigation- Navigation systems manage shared information, traffic, and battery life, as well as enhance electric vehicle economy per kilowatt hour.
  • Geo Fencing- Geofencing recognises when your car reaches a low emission zone using GPS coordinates and begins optimizing high voltage battery charge. When your car enters a low-emission zone, it employs the electric vehicle mode to the greatest extent feasible.
  • RFID Tags for Driver- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a type of wireless communication in which drivers are allowed to pay for charging in an alternate way. RFID tags are used to sign up for and pay for different EV charging station networks and you’ll never have to worry about phone signal.

Control over all activity- The user and the business have a control on the battery activity which is a plus point for the businesses to improve customer experience and build a strong network of trusted customers.

  • You won’t be able to track battery activity
  • No availability of anti-theft features
  • You won’t be able to update battery performance
  • It would be difficult for users to locate charging stations
  • No scope of customer satisfaction
  • No scope of business growth

Presence of BMS

  • The company will be able to monitor battery activity
  • Availability of anti-theft features
  • You can keep updating and improving battery performance
  • Easy to locate nearby charging stations and monitor battery health
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Growth opportunities for business

BMS affecting which industries?

  • Battery manufacturers
  • E-vehicle users
  • E-vehicle car parts dealers

Numerous Benefits BMS offers for the Companies

  • The company can know the change in demand of the vehicles in the field with respect to time and location, which helps the company to increase its fleet and revenue .
  • Companies with this IoT device can keep a track of vehicles' downtime, and take measures to reduce it.
  • Collection of data from the batteries in real-time.
  • Analysis of data from the batteries to have predictive analysis of battery health.
  • Historical data management of the batteries.
  • Alerts and notification generation if any issue with the batteries.
  • Dashboards and graphs to visualize real-time data from the battery.
  • Report generation as per the requirement of the battery manufacturer.