Our Team

At Inwizards, developers believes in providing unique and robust services across the globe on the platform of mobile app development for Xamarin, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. As well as Web Development for Magento e-Commerce, WordPress, PHP, Joomla, Angularjs, NodeJs, Odoo, ReactJs. with the superior quality to achieve high level standards and esteemed customer satisfaction. Our passionate team serves customers with the surety of success and commits to growth.

Anuj Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

Being the Co-Founder of the company, he is responsible for taking care of the entire inner and outer activities which are profitable for the immense growth and development of the company. He loves to be up to date with each on-going and latest innovative technology and market trends.

Anuradha Singh


A career oriented lady with extensive knowledge of several technical languages. She is responsible for the project management, from its planning to execution until delivery. She has undeniable issue resolving skills with which she makes a favorable approach for both the client and the team.

Duane Epperly

Tech Lead

Withholding a precious and extensive experience of 20 years Duane is working with us for over 5 years, and also by making partnering bonds with us, he is delivering extremely high-quality services in the software development and delivery process at both national and international level. Alongside that, with full-on dedication, he is also handling the tech lead and management departments of Inwizards.

Vishnu Bajpai

Hr. Manager

Likewise human body, a firm also needs a backbone, to supports it from the backend to stand strongly. Similarly, with all the captainship qualities, he is the backbone of Inwizards. Whatever the concern is finance/payroll management, recruiting or employee engagement he did it perfectly.

Pankaj Jain

Team Lead

One of our senior and most dedicated team member Pankaj is a highly qualifiable and certified .Net developer. By delivering his unconditional services to us for 8 years and being a software development team leader he has worked on and successfully complete of about 400+ projects.

Santosh Kundkar

Sr .Net Developer

Holding the broad experience of more over 10 years he gained in-depth expertise in the .Net technology and its numerous frameworks. Web/App Development and programming is his hobbyist profession, and alongside that he is a massive nature lover and love to travel such places.

Nitesh Sahu

Sr. Net Developer

Nitesh is one of the best team member of Inwizards family. With having an overall experience of 7 years he has extremely good hands-on generating code to develop several exciting features in a website and application. Apart from that, in his free time, we can find him playing a cricket match.

Atul Bhagoriya

Xamarin Developer

A funloving responsible person who brilliantly handle, manage and observes the entire Xamarin App Development activities under Inwizards. Holding the experience of about 7 years he is one of the most devoted team member of the company who has the birth inherit leadership qualities.

Sameer Khare

Network Admin

An IT company can’t stand comfortably without the well-managed guidance of a system admin. Thus, at Inwizards, we assume Sameer is like our backbone, who is not merely responsible for the network administration activities here but also plays a great role in employee engagement.