Fleet Management System

Why Hand-Pick Fleet Management?

If your company employs automobiles for commercial purposes, you'll require a competent fleet management system. The operation's goal will be to oversee the whole lifetime of commercial vehicles while decreasing related risk, enhancing efficiency, increasing production, and maintaining legislative compliance. Employee automobiles utilized for work, referred to as the gray fleet, should also be included in this process.

There are several fleet companies. Hauliers, couriers, sales, service, utilities, public transportation, and emergency services all have fleets that must be managed. Understanding the procedures necessary to maintain a fleet will allow your organization to reduce related expenses, remain competitive in the market, and assist satisfy your customers' expectations.

Fleet management can be done in-house, generally through the employment of a fleet manager, or it can be outsourced to an external fleet solutions provider.

What is a Fleet Management System?

Fleet management system provides your company with up-to-date information on the functioning of your fleet whenever you need it. It is, in essence, a complex database with multiple applications that allows you to record and report vital features that may assist increase efficiency and drive down costs by minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.

In conclusion, introducing a software system into fleet management enhances management of:

  • Vehicles, assets, and machinery
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Emissions and fuel
  • Drivers, including license checks
  • Inspections, fault reporting, and audits are all part of the workshops and scheduling.
  • Inventory and spare parts
  • Management of accidents and risks
  • Compliance with regulations and the law
  • Budgeting and projections

FMS affecting industries

Manufacturing industries

  • Vehicle checks and movement
  • Weigh-in data collected automatically
  • Vehicle detection at stops is computerized

Cold chain

  • Improve FSSAI Compliance
  • Reduction of Rejected Load Claims
  • SMS, E-mail, and App Notifications in Real-Time


  • Real-time tracking and visibility of fleets
  • Enhance driver satisfaction and experience
  • Boost Fleet Productivity and Utilization
  • Help prevent unauthorized use of vehicle


  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Boost Fleet Productivity and Utilization
  • E-POD that is simple and secure

Food and Beverage

  • Lower Rejected Load Claims While Maintaining Shipment Quality
  • Improved efficiency through route optimization
  • Temperature Monitoring Can Be Automated

Passenger Movement

  • Protect Your Brand by Promoting a Safe Driving Culture
  • Real-Time Tracking of Your Fleet
  • Enhance Pickup Efficiency

Hi-tech Benefits of Fleet Management System

  • Fleet Manager Control: The fleet manager can check the driving pattern, charging period, no.ofKms driven and vehicle health and can charge dynamic rates from the drivers. This helps in increase of the profit and reduce maintenance costs for the fleet company.
  • Predictive Analysis of Demand Change: The fleet manager can know the change in demand of the vehicles in field with respect to time and location, which helps the company to increase its fleet and revenue.
  • Keep Track: Fleet manager can keep a track of vehicles downtime, and take measures to reduce it.
  • View the Driver Activity: Fleet manager can view the drivers’ revenue data and how many passengers he carried during that trip and can analyze that with time and location.
  • Remote monitoring & control of Vehicles –The fleet manager can start & stop the vehicle remotely if the driver is going beyond the specified geography. Also, the fleet manager can release additional backup power from the battery during critical situations on driver’s request.
  • Location mapping of the Vehicles.
  • Comparative study- Determine the usage pattern of the vehicles which are being used.
  • Alerts and notification generation- Get alerts and notifications if any issue with the vehicles.
  • Visualize Vehicle Data- Dashboards and graphs to visualize real-time data from the vehicles.

Looking to Fleet Management System

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