This Trio Of Technology Has Nailed The Year 2018|Technology

The year 2018 is coming near to its end, likewise every single year, we have seen so many up’s and down’s in this year also in the tech industry, and these major changes in the technical industry give several interesting and debating like topics to the tech giants and experts to discuss upon it and make conclusion for it, based on the advantages and disadvantages of all the changes in the tech world. Well, the debate is still going on, and as per the calculation of today’s report, it has been assumed that the trio of the amazing latest technologies Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT (Internet of Things), work in a bundle to create magic in the tech industry and also will rule over the upcoming year 2019.

Artificial Intelligence:

It’s the new and fresh face of the technical world, which allowed our younger generation to start and end their day with the use of many smart technical things. For instance, in today’s culture, we wake up on a smart bed, uses a smartwatch to manage time smartly, uses smart gadgets to prepare food, for better studies, to travel, and also to do thousands of tasks AI changes the human life drastically. This all is just due to the AI.

Internet of Things:

IoT introduces a new revolution in the present tech industry and influences the human life in such manner in which no one can imagine to spend a single day without the use of any technical gadget or internet based things. If we look and observe everything that are active in our surround, we come to know that utmost everything is part of technology and also help to make our life easier.


This technology creates in new victory in the business and the stock market with the invention of digital currency like bitcoin. Trade and finance industry feeling blessed by having this technology. As well as, blockchain make a big contribution in the enlargement of other businesses by introducing a secure way of data management of heavy volume. Blockchain also manages the healthcare department, educational sectors, media and entertainment industry and so on.

This Trio Of Technology Has Nailed The Year 2018|Technology

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