Javascript is one of the oldest software and application development platform, which still holds the same charm and popularity between the tech gigs and also the most preferable software development stage. From its introduction in the IT world to till today this Javascript platform has introduced so many frameworks time to time, and from all of them the latest two frameworks Angular Js and Node Js become the first choice of the web programmers and developers. Let’s make a comparison between both the two:

Angular JS

It’s an opensource javascript framework which is mainly operated by Google. An Angular JS script holds the HTML attributes and expression in a <Script> tag. This platform allows a user to add a dynamic view in an application by integrating a Model-View-Whatever (MVW) architecture and components. It provides a stable model View Control Architecture, which makes it easy for a developer to create a web application by applying a client-side server scripting. Angular JS is one of the easiest javascript frameworks which comes with wide useful features such as filters, data binding, complex code and much more.

Node JS

NodeJS is a cross-platform, server-side javascript framework with a rich library of JS modules. To improve the application performance this framework allows horizontal and vertical scaling and unit testing. This framework has some useful inbuilt API through which a user can easily create several kinds of servers like HTTP, TCP, DNS Server etc. It is a free open source and easy to use javascript framework.


They both are free open source javascript frameworks in which node js is mainly used to develop server-side applications while angular js is best preferable for the development of a client-side web server application. The combination of both the frameworks can create an amazing isomorphic web server applications.

Comparison between Angular Js and Node Js

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