The Top 5 Android App Development Tools

We are already well familiar with the fact that Android is an open-source app development platform and is mainly loved by beginners as this app development platform can be hassle-freely adopted by the developers and offers several opportunities to every level of developers to build a fully functional and smoothly accessible mobile application for multiple purposes like business, entertainment, education, banking, and so on. The development of a perfect application using this android platform requires an app developer to have a sound knowledge of java. Alongside that, in this app development stage, there are numerous tools are available that make it easy for a developer to build a wonderful application. Along with the enlargement of technology, day by day these are taking broad and effective face.

Therefore, by the medium of this blog post, here we are going to make you introduced to the top android app development tools.

Android Studio

This is one of the favorite tools of Android developers even though they are beginner or expert android app developers. The app developers are using this tool with the intention to build an intuitive android mobile application. This tool requires a developer to have good knowledge of Java and C++ programming languages, while nowadays it also supports Kotlin as well.

Android Monitor

This android app development tool altogether works with the android studio and grants a developer to properly monitor a device, while monitoring an Android device, a developer can easily get the entire information of any particular device like network stats, running threads, log-cats, etc. This tool is also helpful to test a particular android application.

Android Debug Bridge

To make a connection between the root device and to modify an Android device, this android debug tool is enacted a major appearance. With this tool, a developer can effortlessly send a code to devices that are not well-rooted.

AVD Manager

AVD is full stands as Android Virtual Device and is working in a bundle with the Android Studio. This AVD manager tool works like an emulator to access an android application on a PC along with a mobile device. AVD is the most in-loved tool by the developers due to its several features like self-testing of an app. Every version of Android and mobile OS can easily grab this tool.

Unity 3D

This tool is basically used for the development of a cross-platform gaming mobile application for Android. As this tool covers thousand of awesome features that makes a gaming app more wonderful, hence the developers like to use this tool creation of a game app. Besides this, the Unity 3D android tool is also useful to create amazing and high-quality Virtual Reality tours.
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The Top 5 Android App Development Tools

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