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In today’s situation, when, with every single passing day we are going close to the 5G, that simply means that we are moving forward to the edge of 5G from the edge of 4G, and we can also assume as currently, we are swinging in both the edges. Over a decade ago the advent of Android had given a new height to the tech industry and by continuing the same series, of about two weeks ago, the first-ever beta version of Android Q was officially announced by Google. Just like each update in anything is come up with several advantages and a wide range of new features as compared to the previous version, likewise this, beta1 version of Android Q is also introducing numerous advanced features which are listed below:

System Privacy

Android likes to keep the user’s privacy and security as its topmost priority since its start, and of course, it has gone more matured and furnished with time by introducing uncountable features for protecting the user’s data.

Foldable Screen

Yet the developers need to turn on and turn off the screen of their Android devices while developing and testing an Android application, while from now they didn’t have get suffer such issues as the beta 1 version of the Android Q is come up with a screen foldable facility. So this innovative way of the Android app development will give them a new experience to divide the same screen into two sections.

Location Controlling

This updated Android Q Beta grants a user to control their location. We can better this concept with an instance as, whenever an app is looking to get the exact location of a user, then, in that case, the app did not track the user’s location without his/her permission.

Sharing App Shortcuts

Well, app shortcut is possible also with the earlier version of Android, but the same feature is introduced by the Android beta Q with earlier access. This feature allows a user to jump on the other app directly to share the previous app content.

Media Storage, Camera, and Graphics

In beta 1 of Android Q, the user will entice with the dynamic quality of downloaded images, and its multiple image format supporting behavior. As well as it also delivers outstanding results in the camera and graphics.

Fastest app launch

With the usage of Android Q, the users will gain an amazing experience of the fastest app launch as compared to the previous version on the Android environment.

Better Network Access and Connection

Whenever you will update your device with the Android Q Beta then from the same moment, you can come to experience a better connection and access to your Internet network, even though you are using a Wi-Fi connection or the mobile data of your device.

6 Things to Know About the Android Q Beta – Inwizards

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