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Ensure Data Security with MongoDB

An open source and free NoSQL database management system is MongoDB. NoSQL is a database technology that is used as a substitute for traditional relational databases. NoSQL databases are extremely handy when dealing with massive amounts of scattered data. DB Mongo is a tool for managing document-oriented data, as well as storing and retrieving data.

DB Mongo can stores a variety of data types. Emerged as a non-relational database technology, DB Mongo was known for its usage in big data applications and various other activities that didn’t fit in a conventional paradigm. The architecture of DB Mongo consists of documents and collections in relational databases.

History of MongoDB

Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz founded MongoDB after experiencing development and scalability challenges with traditional database systems. They were in an online advertising company- DoubleClick which is now owned by Google. To convey the idea of helping vast volumes of data, the database's name was taken from the word ‘humongous’.

DB Mongo has been utilized by organizations such as MetLife for customer service applications, other websites like Craigslist for data archiving, and the CERN physics lab for data aggregation and discovery. The New York Times has also utilized DB Mongo to power a form-building tool for photo submissions.

Core Benefits of MongoDB

DB Mongo offers a basket of amazing benefits for running big data applications. Let’s have a look at it’s benefits:

  • MongoDB does not require preset schemas. It can hold any form of data. This allows users to generate any amount of fields in a document, making DB Mongo databases easier to scale
  • The documents map to native data types in a variety of programming languages. Having embedded documents also decreases necessity data joins, which can save money.
  • MongoDB's horizontal scalability is a key feature that makes it a valuable database for businesses operating large data applications. Furthermore, sharding enables a database to share data across multiple servers.
  • DB Mongo supports a variety of storage engines and offers pluggable storage engine APIs, allowing third-party developers to create their own data structures for MongoDB.

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