Though someone is the owner of a well-running business empire or just a startup everyone like to see their business at the top in the niche business industry, therefore every single moment they are looking to add a technical business improvement solution and with the same intention they like to take advice from a well being IT firm. So as a successful IT company who loves to deliver the outstanding outcomes in the business application development using Xamarin Technology, are going to present you the differences between the three latest technologies of mobile app development which are Xamarin, Titanium, and PhoneGap.

  • They all are cross-platform app development stages and are compatible to iOs, Android, Windows, Blackberry, while Xamarin is best suitable for iOS, Android, and Windows but refuses to support Blackberry, similarly Titanium does not support Windows App Development.
  • For coding purpose Xamarin and Titanium are the languages which require the knowledge of a single codebase programming language which is an object-oriented programming language C# and JavaScript respectively.
  • PhoneGap is an app development environment which is famous to deliver only Web UI while Xamarin and Titanium deliver native UI.
  • PhoneGap technology provides limited access to the API whereas Xamarin and Titanium provide full access on the API.
  • Xamarin and PhoneGap are the technologies which allow the reusability of the code by follows the concept of write once and use anywhere, while Titanium works differently and allows the reuse of platform specific javascript code.


Well, as in my final words regarding the comparison of all the three languages Xamarin, Titanium, and PhoneGap, I would like to say that all the platforms and frameworks have their own specialties and specification. So as it’s all up to a customer to choose the best option which will perfectly fit on the need and demand of their business. While, personally in my opinion, Xamarin is all the way a best and affordable option.

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Xamarin vs. Titanium vs. PhoneGap

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