Why to choose Xamarin for cross-platform app development?

xamarin for cross platform app development

In the global market, the use of Xamarin Development Services in mobile apps is accelerating at a faster pace. It is observed that mobile apps with a single codebase are used on multiple platforms. It is so that cross-platform development is considered to be better than native mobile development. Cross-platform is more economical and time-saving.  

Some of the prominent examples of cross-platform development frameworks are React Native, Corona, Adobe Phone Gap, and Xamarin. Among it, Xamarin is extremely used as a cross-platform because 

  • It is integrated with programming language C#  
  • It has high compiled code
  • It has the choice to use the native UI across different platforms
  • It offers integration with Xamarin Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio
  • So, Xamarin produces fully compliant .NET Portable Class Libraries.

What is Xamarin?

  • Xamarin may be a product that brings .NET/C# to both Android and iOS. Xamarin is pretty remarkable in that it’s fully .NET while being able to produce true Android and iOS apps simultaneously at the same time, and apps that are accommodating with the distribution requirements both by Google Play and the iOS App Store.
  • Presently, Microsoft and Xamarin declared a global partnership that has both their technical and sales teams working together more closely. In addition, Xamarin now offers seamless integration with Visual Studio and produces fully manageable .NET Portable Class Libraries. So, undoubtedly Xamarin is a product to be concentrated on.

Holistically, it is observed that mobile app is developing their growth in the market and is increasing rapidly. So, the use of cross-platform is widely used for mobile app development which is essential for swift conduct of business. Cross-platform development is observed to be more cost-efficient and time-saving in comparison to native mobile app development. 

  • In such a scenario, Xamarin is unbelievably the best platform or framework for Xamarin developers to design mobile apps employing a single code i.e. C# which might be shared in multiple platforms. With a robust IDE, Xamarin enables developers to create a comprehensive atmosphere for development, whenever required the users may further integrate the app to Xamarin Studio or Microsoft Visual Studio. Other alternative options of Xamarin like high compiled code, choices to use the native UI across several platforms, Xamarin test suite, benefits of programming language C# also makes Xamarin broadly ideal platform.
  • After scrutinizing out all the advantages of Xamarin, it becomes one of the unsurpassed toolsets that allow us to support multiple platforms with less or no amount of code change. You can check out this infographic and acquire knowledge about Xamarin a little more.
  • The Cross platforms app development technology creates the app development process easy and simple. Xamarin helps in the quicker development of mobile apps for different operating systems. We will see why you should choose the Xamarin platform for your next app development project.  

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose the Xamarin Platform

1. It is simple and easy to construct on Xamarin 

In comparison to other platforms, it is quite cool for developers to build apps on Xamarin. For the development of apps for all mobile platforms, the C# and .NET frameworks are the most reliable. Cross Platforms apps made on Xamarin are simple to control and update the app, as the source file can be effortlessly updated. Since the Xamarin app is built with a single language C#, so the cross platforms application can be handled easily.  

2. Native like Performance 

You can build robust native apps using Xamarin in contrast to another cross-platform development. The developers can have full contact with native APIs, native UI, SDKs so you can develop usual apps according to individual platforms’ requirements.  

  1. Xamarin has two main perspectives on performance: Firstly, a shared UI, and secondly, a separate UI.

In a shared UI, almost all the code is shared on all the platforms. Whereas in a separate UI you have to make separate user interfaces for all the platforms and in this only business logic is shared. However, both of the approaches are popular similarly.

  1. The Xamarin’s performance is close by to native. The apps are manufactured on Xamarin. Android or Xamarin. IOS mirrors native apps as the development is engrossed in sharing business logic rather than a code-base.
  2. The cross-platform app development capabilities use native UI manage and leverage platform-specific hardware speeding up, which empowers close-to-native performance (which cannot be achieved with solutions that interpret code at runtime).
  3. Even when a developer targets Xamarin. Forms approach is concentrated on broad code sharing with less platform-specific behavior, however, the majority of the source code can be used again with Xamarin. Forms.
  4. As the shared code is used so Xamarin leaves fewer bugs to deal with. Developers can check apps with fragmentation, CI, and object-based UI testing with the help of Xamarin Test Cloud.
  5. Developers are also able to test the condition of the app using Xamarin Insights and this is a real-time app monitoring unit.

3. Reusability of Code

As Xamarin utilizes a single programming language C# for the development of the app so it is easy to reuse the code for other apps. The developers can reuse the code in app development as Xamarin is an open-source code.

4. App prepared in Less Time

Developing the native app is time-consuming but by using the Xamarin platform the developer can design the app in less time to make an application on Xamarin. Using rapid prototyping Forms can be utilized for creating apps. 

5. Great Flexibility

Since Xamarin is an open-source platform so the code can be easily changed according to your requirements. There is flexibility in selecting different elements for app development. You also have unhampered access to native APIs, so you can create apps with platform-specific experiences. Xamarin Test Cloud permits you to automatically test your android or iOS app on several devices

Customer Satisfaction:

The prime focus of Inwizards Inc. is the Customer satisfaction of our comprehensive Xamarin App Development Company. From beginning to end in our Xamarin Mobile Development process we highlight the client’s needs and have a vision followed by targeting to create native UI across all the available major platforms. You can undoubtedly hire Xamarin Mobile Developer from Inwizards who all have knowledge of developing a wide range of cross-platform mobile applications using Xamarin. Our expert team would not only provide you with excellent services but also flawless programming to build apps that are functioning as per requirement. We are well familiar with the fact that apps developed using Xamarin have a lot of advantages like excellent performance, cost-effectiveness, and up to date, thus we strive hard to provide all the benefits to you.

Other Strengths:

With the developed technology of Xamarin and the use of its advantages in making Native and cross-platform app, the native UI is used. Thereby, we try to provide a high-quality experience possible.  Observing that Xamarin is a great means to build, test, and monitor the apps, our Xamarin developers manufacture the best apps that offer quality across all major devices. Xamarin facilitates us to go faster in our application-creating process as well as give services that are cost-effective and in the interest of the client. In order to guarantee the quality of our step forward apps we make use of the Xamarin test cloud and automate testing.


Ultimately, Xamarin is absolutely one of the best platforms for native or hybrid app development. It is owned nearly by 1.5 million developers around the world as it is very popular among developers. In the future, you will find more revises and development in the Xamarin Platform. 

Inwizards Inc. is one of the best Web and App Development companies in India. We have specialized in app development using the Xamarin Platform. Hire Xamarin Developers who will help their customers by creating a custom app for iOS, Android, and Windows. One can hire developers from Inwizards Inc. as per customers’ needs. We have flexible schedule options according to their needs.  

Why to choose Xamarin for cross-platform app development?

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