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Meet the new stage of SMS Inbox, and we are sure that you will never stop yourself to love this application which is specially developed to give the most fab look and feel to your message inbox. Everyone likes to hold a piece of the latest version of the smartphone and also they have so many contacts in their circle such as friends, family, social circle, office colleagues, business partners, and many more. From time to time they are sending you a text message, not only does a person in your circle, send you a SMS but many promotional and marketing companies also send you several messages about the latest trends, upcoming events, and exciting offers. Likewise, you receive hundreds of messages per day, which is impossible for you to manage all the messages.

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Our newly developed application smart text will arrange and manage your message inbox in a proper manner. Whenever you will download and install this app on your smart device, you will enable to take the wide benefits of this application. The smart text will allow you to make several partitions based on different categories in your sms inbox. In this way, every single SMS that you have received on your mobile will separately go and save in its relevant category automatically.

Not only this smart text application is used to arrange messages in the category wise, in fact, while using this application you can get a few more advantages like:

Bulk Messaging:

Brand marketing with the use of a small handy device by sending a short text message in one of the oldest marketing techniques, which is still in trend with the same bright polish. The smart text app also makes you able to send the same SMS to thousands of contacts together at the same time. Bulk messaging is the time savvy method of marketing.

Lead Generation:

Lead generation is not such an easy task, for this, we have to connect with so many people along with our product information and its advantages. The smart text will keep all the received SMS safe for lifelong in its separate category, through which you can contact any of the senders at any time for the intention of business growth.

Missing SMS:

This app keeps you free from the fear of any important text message, as it permits you to store sms in several sections. You can any time access the sections whenever you are in need of any particular message.

Running promotional campaigns:

Through this app, you can run some exciting offers on your brand or product and send your customers multiple promotional sms including coupon codes or promo codes.

Increase your contacts:

By the use of a smart text application, you are able to increase your contact list for future reference. This app will maintain a database including the contact details of each sender.

Hurry up!! Open your play store and download and install the smart text app now to get yourself worry less for the most crucial task of a day to manage the sms list and save the important contacts because smart text will do all that for you.

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Why Choose Smart Text? | Smart Text

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