Android Or iOS: Which Mobile Platform Should Startups opt in 2022?

Android or IOS

One of the most important decisions you must make before launching your digital firm is whether to create iOS or Android apps. Both iOS and Android are major operating systems that match mobile device software and physical components.

The ultimate decision will have an impact on project schedules, budget, and prospects of making money from your proposal. Basically, your selection may be influenced by a number of circumstances. Among these are required features, revenue goals, target audience, timelines, and budget. We’ll summarise the iOS vs. Android development debate below.

Who will win the discussions between Android and iOS developers? The issue is that there is no clear winner in the tournament. Android provides you access to a large audience, however, iOS is less expensive and allows for a speedier development process. Let us summarise some significant Android benefits and contrast them with iOS specifics:

The global market is dominated by Android. If your product is beneficial to people all over the world, the platforms perform well. It is also a smart idea if you want to construct an MVP and launch a marketing campaign in many countries — Android will assist you in covering broad audiences, studying people’s likes and behavior, and then infiltrating promotional events in certain markets alone.

Many entrepreneurs are intending to launch a mobile app-centered firm, and investors are investing in various sorts of mobile applications. If you are a business owner who is considering developing a mobile app, the first issue to consider is which is preferable between Android and iOS development.

This post will guide you through some of the aspects that will affect your decision and familiarise you with the iOS and Android App Development Platforms.

Let’s get started.


iOS or Android?

The argument between Android and iOS development is never-ending among software professionals. There is no one-word solution to the question, “Which platform should entrepreneurs choose?” There are solutions that are dependent on a variety of aspects that an entrepreneur should think about before making a selection.

Let’s go through each factor one by one:

1. Population Demographics

There is no doubt that Android smartphone users outnumber Apple smartphone users. Furthermore, there is no doubt that Apple is seen as a high-end gadget for which people are prepared to pay for apps. As a result, Apple consumers are mostly located in rich regions of the world.

For example, because the United States is one of the highest-earning countries, it has a higher proportion of iOS users.


2. Disintegration

Fragmentation occurs when consumers run multiple versions of a mobile operating system and use different mobile hardware types or mobile devices.

We are aware that Apple is solely responsible for iOS devices and their release cycles. As a result, Apple synchronizes iOS version releases with device releases once a year. As a result, fragmentation difficulties are reduced.

However, when it comes to Android, fragmentation difficulties arise on a regular basis, complicating the lives of android application developers during testing and quality control. As a result, Android fragmentation raises development and maintenance costs.


3. Design and Creation

Google Material Design has a stronger effect on UI and UX design. When it comes to creating mobile apps, mobile app developers believe that Swift is a far easier language to learn than Java.

However, one component that is less dependent on the platform and more dependent on the expertise of your partnered mobile app development firm is design and development. When you are associated with a business that specializes in the creation of both Apple and Android apps, it makes little difference whether the platform takes less development work because both are completed with a similar effort.

Now that we’ve established the variables, let’s look at why you should choose Android startup applications instead of iPhone startup apps.


Why Cherry Pick Android Apps?

If your audience is not concentrated on any one demographic or target group, you should start with Android. Also, if your mobile app has a lot of customization options, go with Android.

The benefits of utilizing Android are listed below.


1. A larger user base

When compared to other devices, Android smartphones are used by the majority of consumers worldwide, providing you with a big pool of prospective users.

If you don’t have an Android app for business, you’re missing out on endless chances and audiences for your products or services.


2. Platform that is open source

Because Android is an open-source platform, Google does not charge a fee to use it. In addition, Google offers free Android app development tools and technologies to developers. As a result, the cost of an Android app is lower than that of an iOS app.

As a result, it is a low-cost option for your beginning budget.

Manufacturers of hardware devices such as Samsung, Oppo, and Huawei


3. Apps that can be customized

Android app development enables app developers to build applications based on corporate needs. This implies that your business app development will be completed with the necessary needs and flexibility, which would not have been achievable with any other platform. Hiring an Android app development company to assist you with your startup app is always a fantastic option.


4. High Return on Investment

When you publish your app on the store, you have access to a large pool of prospective consumers. Because you have such a large market to target, the return on investment for your Android app would be immediate and always on the upper end when your Android app development cost is considered.


5. Adaptability

One of the most significant advantages of developing an Android app over an iOS app is that there are no restrictions on the devices that may be utilised. You may create an app on any device, whether a Windows desktop, a Mac, or a Linux machine.

The fact that Android allows you to grow your brand across devices and systems makes it the go-to platform for all industries with interoperability demands.


Why Choose iOS apps?

If you want to reach the app store’s target demographics, you should launch your startup’s first mobile app on iOS by investing in a well-known iOS app development business.

Let us look at the benefits of using iOS apps for startups:


1. Safety

Because critical organizational data is stored in applications, security is the most important need for every firm. When it comes to security, Android applications pose a significant danger, but iPhone users are protected from hackers and viruses. When it comes to security, when you compare the iPhone versus Android, iPhone apps secure firmware and software using strong security methods such as:

Data management systems that are integrated

Data duplication prevention measures

Measures to counteract data encryption’s loss of security


2. Profitability

iPhone apps outperform Android apps in terms of return on investment. The finest income creation chances from your iOS application development process are to keep an eye on the blunders, tips and techniques, and other related information. You may seek iOS app development services to assist you in realizing your goal.


3. Existing consumer base

Apple’s most valuable asset is its existing client base. Apple is a technology and application pioneer. Apple has a well-established niche of customers that swear by Apple’s quality and performance and are brand loyal. That is why it is stated that once smartphone user has used the iOS platform, they will never be pleased with any other operating system and will remain loyal to Apple.


4. A low level of fragmentation and testing

As previously stated, Apple typically releases only one update to its existing operating system each year. Furthermore, the quantity of Apple devices is lower than that of Android-based smartphones. As a result, Android apps should be thoroughly tested to ensure that they work properly on all versions of the Android operating system.

iPhone applications, on the other hand, just need to match the testing standards of earlier iOS versions. This continuously minimizes testing time and ensures a quick time to market for its apps. This also saves money on Apple app development.


Key Takeaway 

After reading the article, you should have realized that there is no right or incorrect answer; it all relies on your needs. We’ve encountered certain circumstances that favour the iOS platform while others advise us to go with Android.

Keeping all of the above information in mind, you may want the Best Mobile App Development Company to assist you in developing your app without having to worry about the operating system.

Android Or iOS: Which Mobile Platform Should Startups opt in 2022?

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