Which Framework is Better – React Native or Ionic?

In our earlier posts we have discussed the comparison between Node.js and Angular.js, and Blockchain and Artificial Technology, likewise today we are going to compare the other two latest and most used frameworks for app development which are React Native and Ionic. They both are the two most popular and wonderful cross-platform app development stages to create hybrid mobile and web applications and require the knowledge of dynamic programming languages such as JS, HTML, CSS, etc. Likely they both are working on similar ways and paths, therefore it is a bit tough to make differences between them, nevertheless, nothing is exactly similar in this world so as they both the frameworks also have some little comparisons.


This is a free open source web and app development platform that is most popular nowadays in the creation of a hybrid mobile and website application. This framework has an inbuilt library of stylish components, which attracts the developer’s attention to create an app with an outstanding user interface. Also, this environment allows a developer to use other tools like SaaS, HTML5, CSS, and more with a browser and OS compatible capability for Android, iOS and Windows. The only drawback of Ionic is that this platform is a little bit slower than React Native.

React Native:

Introduced by Facebook, it is an app development framework that is commonly used to develop Android and iOS-based applications, that simply indicates that this platform is not a browser and OS-based and it works with a high and interrupted speed so as an application created in the React Native stage performing well especially in the case of speed. Reuse of code is one of the amazing and lovely features of this framework.

Ionic vs. React Native: final words

They both are different technology that somehow works in a similar way but offers different features, functionalities, and advantages, hence it makes it tough for a developer to choose the best, but, still, choosing to React native is the best choice due to its high-performance speed and elegant user interface.

Which Framework is Better – React Native or Ionic?

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