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The year 2022 is slowly moving towards its end but in its, that half more duration which gone behind has shown us many of its variations. Also, human society is facing a cruel pandemic situation whose ungrateful results have put cruel effects on the business and educational sectors. To overcome with this critical effects such down business situation,  the leading software development company with the branches located in the USA and India has developed the two amazingly useful software system application as Online eMenu a perfect digitally operated growth hacking system for the global restaurant business industry, and the learning management software system as Mavenow with which where the learn to willing students can find and connect with a perfect coach, whereas the application also allows the teachers/coaches to earn some more income with their awesome teaching skills.

Let’s elaborate the two systems in a brief with including all their splendid features:

Online eMenu:

This is a well-versed menu ordering system which we have specially design and develop for the complete modernization and growth prospect of the restaurant businesses across the world This system is finely integrated with a number of in-built features which make the restaurant business person to get engaged with a number of customers with ease additionally to get more popularity, growth, customers reach, revenues feedback and more. The system is equipped with multiple useful features along with separate panels for every single department of the restaurant as

  • separate app panel for restaurant admin, super admin, and branch managers
  • Well functional easy accessible user panel
  • A separate app for drivers and delivery sections with an inbuilt tracking system and more.

As well to attract more and more users this food ordering and delivery is functionalized with attractive features like

  • Mobile and website ordering
  • Contactless ordering
  • Digital payment
  • Real-time tracking
  • Restaurant insights
  • Market campaign and much more.


This is an Android platform operated mobile application which we have specially developed to support the trending culture of digital learning. We named the application as Mavenow which we have created on a two-way platform so that the app can be accessed by the students and teachers additionally to share and extensive knowledge about any specific subject of category.

This Mavenow application which in short as Maven, is heavily integrated with the listicle features as

  • Live conversation via email, chat and call (audio and video)
  • Instant Notification
  • Course creation and selection
  • Profile and review lookup
  • Feedbacks and a pack of more exciting features.

 In an event, if you are running and managing a restaurant or an educational business and for its growth and digitalization purpose of your concerned business, if you are too in a queue to integrate it with a technical solution than do not hesitate more to get connected with us, we will be glad to take you to a free demo ride of any requested system.

What Are The Most Trending Mobile Applications In 2022 | App

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