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Have you ever thought that why you need an application like smart text which has complete access and control to manage the message box of your smartphone? Well, you need such kind of application due to heavy loaded and busy work schedule. It has been observed that in the present time, everyone is pretending to be a part of the race to make a better future for themselves and of course for their loved ones and want to win that race at any condition. This requires a lot of hard work with complete dedication, which directly implies that you do have not so much time to spend with mobile phones and to manage its message inbox by arranging all texts in a good manner. So, this is the most important reason behind your need for a useful application like smart text.

What is a Smart Text Application?

Smart Text is a mobile application that comes up with a facility to arrange the SMS inbox of a smartphone device itself in a proper way. It allows a user to make several sections in a single messaging inbox to store every incoming and outgoing text message in a particular section based on the category of the message, such as business-related or brand promotional SMS, personal SMS, SMS from family and friends, etc. Alongside this, you can also create a group by mentioning multiple contacts in it for an offline group conversation via a mobile medium.

Key features of Smart Text application:

  • Easy to operate and compatible with every mobile OS and screen size.
  • Allow a facility to categorize a message inbox into several sections.
  • Allow sending the same text message in bulk to perform bulk SMS marketing activity.
  • Allow to create and join an offline group conversation with multiple contacts.
  • Keep safe and secure the sender’s contact details and messaging data for a lifetime.
  • It’s a very botherless and cost-effective way of marketing.
  • It is free to download and install.
Top Tips to Set Up and Manage Your SMS Inbox – Inwizards

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