Top 5 app development platforms

There are plenty of app development platforms are available along with a wide variety of advanced features and versions to create a wonderful and smoothly running mobile application. From all the app development environments, not everyone is good in each term, only a few ones are performing good. As a leading app development company we have listed in the top app development platform.

  1. Xamarin

Xamarin is the highly in-demand tool to develop a native or cross-platform mobile application. The applications that are build up this app development stage can be widely be used and played on every mobile platform like iOS, Android and windows. It simply means that the apps that are created in Xamarin are easily supported by every operating system. It works speedy to develop a mobile application.

  1. PhoneGap

It is an free open source mobile app development platform and the application works well on every mobile devices which includes every screen size and OS. The app development using phone gap requires in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 and its updated versions. Apart from technical knowledge, PhoneGap is an app development platform need less time effort towards the build-up of a fully functional mobile application.

  1. Ionic

Its also a free open source app development stage which basically works with HTML5 and majorly this platform is used to create a hybrid mobile application and delivers the amazing UI. Ionic app development environment, grants a application developer or coder to execute the code base in the creation of other apps that will be play on all app stores.

  1. Appcelerator

Developers are madly in love with this latest app development platform, due to it’s few liner code requirements. It’s a cross-platform app development platform and finely supports every OS. This platform requires fewer time to build a application for any purpose.

  1. Long Range

Its a rocking app development platform to build a native mobile application with RPG/CL with DDC and did not require the knowledge of JS, HTML and CSS. Like other app development platforms, Long Range did work on low cost for the maintenance and updations of a application.

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Top 5 app development platforms

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