In the earlier time from approx over a decade ago the technology namely PHP used in a way to the development of a web application is ruling over the web design and development industry and still, it is strongly standing with the same grace. While if we see the tech industry from another side then we get to know that there are also so many technologies are performing great in a way to deliver the quantifiable results in the web and app development. Likewise PHP, node js is not a scripting language, nevertheless, it plays a crucial character in the creation of advanced functional trendy web applications.

List down the reasons which make the node js platform is better than PHP:

Required Development Tools

They both the technologies are providing a good range of tools like, IDEs, Validators, etc. Where as the node js has a tool called as NPM which is somewhere also known as Node Package Manager. This tool allows a developer to install, integrate and manage the dependencies, configure variables, code script and more. While on the second side, PHP is much influenced by NPM however it is not alloted by the PHP environment.


PHP is like the root of web development technologies which has so many in-built options and functionalities which helps it to deliver the results at the fastest pace, while on the second side the node js technology also delivers the fastest result but it better than PHP because node js delivers the 2X faster result than PHP.


As compared to the PHP platform the node js tech environment provides a small and better interpreter, which is less loaded by the legacy language support.

Web Environments

These days the developers are not merely limited to the building of an application which is accessible on the desktop, in fact, they are focusing to develop an application which can be easily accessed on PCs and mobiles as well. To heal this concern of the developers the javascript environment has introduced the node js technology which helps a developer to create a server and OS friendly web applications.


Node js is the advanced form of the app development technology which is come along with several modern features and codebase towards the creation of a web / mobile application. Whether if the confab is about the PHP, then get we still found the same older code base and plugins library. While node js permits to use and integrate several new plugins and coding modules. Hence, due to the numerous advantages and trendy features, no doubt that the node js is much better than the PHP development.

This is Why the Node JS technology is better than PHP

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