The Major fables about Android App Development

There are hundreds of Android applications are uploaded on the play store on daily basis, and also thousands android app development companies are available and introduce themselves as they are the best android app development service providers meanwhile some are still a newbie and are learning this technology. Android is counted as the earliest app development technology, but nevertheless, this technology stills holds the same grace. While if we see from it from the second, we came to know that along with the popular charm, there are so many fables are also spreading about this technology which is continuously trying to down the popularity of the Android technology such as:

  1. Android app development is much expensive

A lot of peeps who are wanting to set their business over the web server with a well functional android application stops thinking to have a business mobile application and gets feared by knowing that it is so much expensive, but this is just a myth

In actual, the price of an android application development just depends on how many and which slot of features, functionalities, and the complexity of a project. Secondly, the cost of an android app also depends on who is developing the app, a company or a outsource android app development service provider, as a company requires a bit more cost and in a revert, they provide a well-developed app in a fix time frame. Whereas a outsource developer takes a less amount and delivers a low quality work.

  1. A fully functional app sales automatically

If we can’t buy and sell anything without inserting any effect, then how could we think that an android application will be sold automatically, without putting any sales and marketing efforts. Likewise everything else, of course, an Android application of any category requires a proper and effective sales and marketing strategy for its selling.

  1. Each download increases the bank balance

Numerous business owners who are having a business mobile application in android app development platform believes that their bank balance will increases rapidly as with the download of the application, but, its the most bitter truth of android app development. While the fact is yes, an android app will help you to earn more money, but only when if the customer/user like to pay you to use your app. A paid app runs smoothly without any disturbance, and on the second side, a free version of the app comes with so many annoying ads, which somehow improves the chances the sell of a particular application.

The Major fables about Android App Development

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