The Major Benefits Of Using Node JS Technology For Application

The present era in which we are living is introduced a new revolution of speed, especially in the field of technology and development, hence in the upcoming future, it will be known by the eon of speed. As in the current age, a wide count of technologies is invented which are helpful to deliver the outstanding and proven outcomes through a mobile application in a way to the speedy enlargement of a business. In the same chapter, an app development technology is also proved its worth by providing amazing benefits.

Before knowing the benefits of using the Node.js technology towards app development, let’s take a short intro about this technology.

What is node.js?

Node.js is a cross-platform run-time javascript engine that is basically used to build a server-side network application that is freely run on the OS X, Windows, and Linux environment. Besides this, the node.js technology has a huge library of javascript modules which makes this technology a great extent for the development of a web application.

We can also assume the node.js as a combination of the runtime environment and javascript modules library as:

Node.js= JavaScript Runtime Environment + JavaScript Modules Libary

Rather than this, this node.js environment is released under the MIT license, and this environment didn’t buffer the data. As it uses a single thread model with event looping, hence the same program can provide service to a higher count of requests as compared to the traditional server like Apache HTTP server, etc.

Check out the below list of the benefits of using Node.js:


As node.js is a javascript runtime platform and uses Google Chrome’s V8 Engine, therefore it can easily build fast and valuable network applications. This platform uses event-driven non-blocking I/O modules which makes it the fastest, most efficient, lightweight platform for the creation of a cross-platform data-intensive real-time application.

Data Rendering

If you are a techy guy, then you must be well familiar with the fact that HTTP prefers to take hidden action in a way to stream and render any little or heavy volume data. Hence, using this platform a developer will be enabled to develop a real-time audio or video purpose application.

Real-time Application

For the development of real-time access applications like video streaming apps, gaming apps, chatting apps, etc., Node.js enacts a crucial part. Alongside, it is also useful for the development of a program that requires an event-based server, such as Paypal, Linkedin, and more.

Why only Inwizards for the node.js app development services?

As node.js is a technical stage that completely depends on the javascript server-side programming language, Inwizards is the fastest improving IT company which gain a specialty in JavaScript and each of its aspects and modules, so as we have all the capacity to build an application in the node.js environment. Cost-effective, on-time delivery, broad expertise, extensive knowledge are some attractive features of our company, hence hiring a Node.js development team from Inwizards web and app development company will be one of your amazing choices.

The Major Benefits Of Using Node JS Technology For Application

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