SmartText: A new trend of bulk messaging

A lot of time you have heard that there is a marketing technique which is in simple words also called mobile marketing or bulk messaging. This is the oldest branding and business promotion trick that is cost-effective, smooth, and ingenious to use. Nowadays, this marketing strategy changes its way and become a little bit modern as now this process needs a smartphone for implementation. By keeping a focus on the latest ongoing trends of marketing and technology we created an application namely Smart Text with a motto to deliver frame-like services in the branding and promotion of a business.

This is a single application that works in your smart device and perform multiple tasks such as arranging the messaging inbox by dividing it into several sections and keeping all incoming and outgoing messages saved for lifelong in its relevant category, auto-fetch, and saving the numbers of all received SMS and creates a database for the future use and convenient, and much more. Well, these are the basic features of the smart text that you will also get in a few other similar applications, while the bulk messaging feature of the smart text applications makes it different from the crowd.

What is bulk messaging?

Bulk messaging is a simple and cost-friendly method to send a single text message to thousands of people at the same time. This is a mobile marketing method that allows a user to promote their business with a medium like smart handy device mobile phones.

The key prospects of smart text’s bulk messaging features areas:

It is a reliable, 100% secure, and spam-free process for business promotion.

Smart text believes time is precious and due to this bulk messaging via smart text saves a huge amount of time.

Bulk messaging through this application will be helpful for a user to open up so many doors to achieve the business goal and success.

Bulk messaging need a huge database and smart text performs this task very well, by actively managing the data of all sent and received messages.

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SmartText: A new trend of bulk messaging

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