Five Most Popular Business Solutions at Inwizards

These days it has going to observe that, the utmost businesses across the planet, of any particular category like a restaurant, coaching institute, etc, are loving to sum a technically developed digital solution in their business. As with the help of such techie solutions, the business individuals are looking to enhance their business brand reputation and growth rate in the national and international market, by directly permitting their targeted audience to connect with them easily, using that digital software, and do their required task in a rapid manner, without being stuck in any time consuming or harsh situation.

Thus, by understanding their requirements, we the USA and India located a well-versed web app development company, have decided to design and create a few useful digital solutions for the businesses. as a result of our thinking, concepts, and concern for the growth of the global business industries we have successfully developed and launched a few technology-based business empowering software applications, that will help you to gain more positive revenues for your business and improve its work in the global niche market. Do you want to know what technical systems we have developed for you?

Here is the list:

Online eMenu

It’s a digital software application that we have especially designed and developed for the faster empowerment of the global restaurant and food supply business industry. This application is working wonderfully for the restaurant’s growth with its multiple in-built features like online food ordering and delivery, menu customization, online billing management, restaurant POS and CRM, real-time order tracking, and many more. All these features that are come along with this digital restaurant solution, not merely allow the restaurants to reinvent their brand and menu style, but also make them able to engage and gather more customers at the same time.

Contract Management System

Utmost every single day the technology introduces a new gadget, which is so much helpful for human society, and also these gadgets help them to do a lot of their work in a hassle-free and faster manner. Likewise, we have cultivated this amazing software system namely the Contract Management System, which is basically a digital application in order to provide a helping hand to the individuals in the creation of a form to collect their user’s data. This system allows you to easily create a multi-field form by simply dragging and dropping the required items. Besides that, using this software application global users can create a fillable form in any specific format like PDF, Docs, and so on.

Find My Coach

This is one of our amazingly created technology-based software system applications which we have specially created for the students to gain in-depth knowledge about any of their interesting subjects from the world’s best and most famous coach. This s an extraordinary platform for the global coaches and students which bridges the gap between them by allowing them to get connected with one another digitally via text messaging or audio/video calling (individually and group) in order to share a brief knowledge about any particular subject or topic.

Online Booking System

This is another sparkling gem in our cap. An online working application, which can be easily integrated into any business, in addition, to make their customers enable to pre-booking digitally to fully enjoy the service, whether its a hospital appointment, ticket booking, salon appointment booking, meeting scheduling, and more.


This is another useful application developed by us, which can help the global users to remind the warranty duration of all their technical gadgets. Also for their convenience, this application has an inbuilt map where you can find the nearest service center for every brand.

If you are also running or operating a similar kind of business, then feel free to get in touch with us soon. We will provide you with a proper and in-detailed description of any required product and will also love to give you a demo of any product that suits your business.

Five Most Popular Business Solutions at Inwizards

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