IoT-enabled smart parking app to improve user experience

IoT adds an amazing user experience to a simple mobile application, thus utmost IT companies like to add an IoT-based feature to a mobile application. Following the same trend, we the team Inwizards have developed an application in the latest cross-platform app development environment. As per its name smart parking, this works to know the users about the available nearby parking location and the parking slot with the fixed area range. Apart from that, in this application, an admin will get an IoT-based feature which is basically a sensor, which lets the admin know about a particular slot is gone free on a particular parking location.

What is the real working procedure of Inwizards smart parking app with IoT?

This application is the most useful and troubleshooting way to get a preferred parking location without facing any difficulty or traffic on the roads whether it’s a small road or a road with lots of free space in the side corners. By installing this application in the smartphone a user will no longer need to wait in a long parking queue and also did not need to be tense about the safety of their vehicle. Because by registering on smart parking a user can find the nearest and safe parking location easily.

This is an amazing, useful, and unique mobile application, which is our hopeful participation towards the safety of the earth’s pollution and to deliver the facility to the vehicle owners to park their vehicle at the safest place. For the users and admin, convenient this app will store all the previous parking records of each registered user.

Key features of smart parking:

To use this application, a user needs to be a registered member.

It will show you a preferred parking slot within a fixed area range.

It will auto calculate the total amount of parking charges based on the entire parking duration.

Being a registered member on this application, a user is allowed to book a parking place for themselves and for their friends too.

An admin will receive a notification by an IoT sensor whenever parking went free.

IoT-enabled smart parking app to improve user experience

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