Introducing New 6 Features in Android O

new Features in Android O

Google has just introduced the developer preview of this new version of Android known as Android O. With this preview, the business has made Android O official. This brand new Android OS is at the early phases and has been made available in the form of first developer preview for Nexus and Pixel series smartphones.

Here are a few of the top features of Google’s new operating system for smartphones and tablets.

1) Background Limit for Apps

Unlike the previous versions of this Android OS, Android O is presenting background limitation for programs. This feature is aimed to help enhance the battery’s lifetime and improve the performance of the device. Google also has restricted three other regions which use a lot of data like implicit broadcasts, background services, and location updates.

2) Auto-filling Types

In this age when time means more than anything else, typing passwords and other information can be hectic and time-consuming. That’s the reason Auto-filling Forms feature has been introduced in Android O. This feature will help autofill types or ID/passwords when logging to an account. It will also store the data securely.

3) Notification Customization

In the previous versions of Android, telling customization wasn’t possible. However, times have changed and also Android O will empower the users to change how different channels behave. There is a new UI and grouping facility for notifications. Users can block particular notifications.

4) PiP Mode

This is the most awaited feature. The Picture-in-picture or PiP mode will allow the users to browse content or do anything else in the background while chatting through a little box within the tablet’s screen. Users may also set the aspect ratio according to their requirement.

5) Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi link attribute will permit the devices with appropriate hardware & apps to connect to each other over Wi-Fi without an online access point. This may bring the entire world more collectively and social interaction would be promoted.

6) Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re using a keyboard with an Android device, Android O will provide much better support. This feature will permit the users and developers to produce navigation readily and place shortcuts on the keyboard. This feature is expected to pave way for Android Laptops.

These aren’t the only attributes of Android O but just a little preview of what is to expect from this wonderful OS. It’d be too early to comment on what Android O has in store for each of us. However, 1 thing is for sure that many more exciting features would be added to the OS and it could replace all other operating applications currently in operation. Well, this might have been called after anything which would be revealed too soon.

Android O has certainly lifted the expectations of their users and they are eager to get their hands with this OS whenever possible.

Introducing New 6 Features in Android O

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