How to Choose and Hire .NET Developers

How to Choose and Hire .NET Developers

It is sure the crux of a company’s success is attributed directly to the abilities and abilities of workers. The IT industry remains one of the most advanced of areas and brings together the brightest minds of today’s global economy.

According to White Hat Security Website Stats, .NET is the most widely used languages using 28.1 percent of the internet applications using .NET technology. .NET is scalable and has increased over time concerning ready libraries and easy to use tools. Thus has increased the need to employ hire .NET developers.

While there is no shortage of .NET developers round, but to get the right developer for the organization still remains a challenge. We believed that it’s a critical problem if you want to hire a .net developer and you haven’t got an idea what to search for when you search through candidate’s LinkedIn profile or a CV. That’s why I’ve gathered all of the info you need if you are a technical recruiter searching for developers with .NET abilities.

What is important for an IT Recruiter to learn about .Net?

Before I go into details on how to source, screen and hire .Net Developers, first it is important to understand some basics which will allow you to become more acquainted with this technology.

Around .Net Framework & .

.Net Developers are in fact software developers that work with or at the .Net framework and utilize among the .Net supported programming languages. In general a .Net developer is familiar with at least one of those . NET languages such as C# and VB.Net and understands the majority of the .

The listing of frameworks does not stop here. Actually, there are lots of other popular frameworks which are evolving along with the techies are utilizing. So it’s important to be aware of the skill set which is needed in your perfect candidate. Be sure you’re clear about the “Must Have” and “Nice to Have” skills while shooting down the necessity for your work profile. Otherwise, you could prevent an outstanding web developer from applying for your job.

Say for an example, based upon your requirement of a backend developers or a UI Developer or a candidate with both the skills, you may look for under skills in the candidates:

Frameworks for Back-end developers:
• .NET Web API
• Signal R
Frameworks for Front –end growth:
• Angular JS
• SaaS
• Bootstrap

You may also search for .NET Candidates with a good understanding of:

• Object Oriented Programming concepts
• .NET Programming concepts

Note: Many developers prefer to be referred to as a c-sharp developer rather than a .Net Developer even though lots of tech-companies are searching for .NET developers nowadays. That is why It’s important to specify what exactly You’re Looking for in the job advertisements and provide more details on your job descriptions

Now after a simple understanding of the framework, the significant first step towards employing a .Net developers is sourcing the proper type of candidates.

How to Find .NET Candidates

Step One: Compose a well-structured Job Description

To draw the perfect type of the talent, you have to structure your project descriptions nicely. You can be creative and use from the box thinking to design a unique Job –outline which effectively communicates your company’s requirements. Job descriptions that describe the real work involved with the job will bring in a greater quantities of applicants

if you would like to be knowledgeable about the lingo, get up to speed on just as much of the market terminology as you can. Websites like Skillcrush are amazing for this.

Step Two: Cast your net where the fish are

For talent sourcing, you ought to be aware of where do your tech talents live? Plan your search strategy; find out where your ideal candidates

spend their time online. Read Top 12 Sexy areas to source great .Net developers to discover where actual .Net development services are hanging out? You can make your sourcing smarter by carefully preparing your sourcing period, thinking carefully about the perfect keywords and casting your web where the fish really are.

How to Choose and Hire .NET Developers

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