Framework and Application Modernization

Inwizards is a leading and rapidly growing IT firm in central India. We are working on each and every latest technology and developing desktop and mobile applications that are decorated with several advanced features and functionalities. As looking at the latest trend of the IT industry and market as well, we deliver the application renewal or modernization services at the best possible cost.

In our application modernization service, we like to work on the latest and modern frameworks to convert an asset app into a new one. These frameworks are specially designed to give a new life to the older version web applications. We are a group of experienced and well-skilled web and app developers, we all have expertise in various technologies and frameworks to do an overall makeover of an existing application.

The framework and modernization service solution of the Inwizards makes a change in the customer’s methods for taking a shot at the IT advancement front. To be on the top in the advanced race, it is vital to end up more dexterous and guarantee continuous integration and continuous delivery for application development and support on inheritance frameworks and on new-age applications.

The different application modernization techniques mentions: Website accredit, re-designing and development of a website or application, re-web hosting or hosting renewal, etc. The team of skilled developers at Inwizards comprehend those old applications which may have served well and convert them into a new ones.

Frameworks and technologies that we use for the purpose of application modernization:


Drupal is an outstanding open-source web CMS platform to develop more flexible and higher-level applications. This framework is our first choice for the renovation of an application.


It’s a PHP-based framework, which allows the reusing of PHP components to build a modern styled web application. This framework is very easy to use for developers and programmers and also requires less time to create an application.


Zend is an open-source object-oriented web application framework that is based and PHP 5 platform. This Zend framework is also known as a component library due to its wide library of a couple of component.


Laravel is a free open-source web development framework, which follows the architectural pattern of the model view controller (MVC). This web development platform is an advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework.

Angular JS

Angular Js is a modern-generation client-side JavaScript MVC framework. We use this framework to create a fully-featured dynamic web app. Angular JS allows designers and web programmers to give a lavish look to an application from its front end part.

Besides that, we are deeply in love with several front-end and back-end technologies and so we are delivering awesome services in the web app development sector under the sky of hundreds of technologies and frameworks.

Front-End Technologies:

  • React JS
  • React Native
  • JavaScript
  • JS
  • JS/7
  • ExpressJS (Nodejs Framework)
  • Jquery

Back-End Technologies

  • PHP
  • Python
  • ROR
  • Java
  • C#
  • C++
  • NET

Benefits of framework and application modernization:

  1. Application modernization tends a business towards a drastic improvement in the growth and success rate.
  2. It helps to assure the continuity of business and to beat the competitors.
  3. App renovation is a very effective process and requires less time, money, and maintenance.
  4. It maintains and increases the crucial business outcomes from the asset web application.
  5. Application modernization improves ROI (Return on Investment).

Application Modernization Services of Inwizards, enable associations to change old and asset web and mobile applications to more current advances and to convey more prominent business esteem. By utilizing the most recent innovation stack, we enable associations to move singular heritage applications or whole inheritance application portfolios to the latest, trendy and modern web development platform that convey rich usefulness and adaptability. We adopt a vital strategy to moderate task and operational risks with our top-notch framework and application modernization service.

Framework and Application Modernization

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