Flutter 1.5: the biggest update announced by Google

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Every year the Google has released and announces a wide range of updates for several tech platforms as this update helps a technology to build a strong and powerful background for itself. Following the same foot-prints, recently the Google has been released its yet now’s biggest update as Flutter 1.5. As per Google, this is Flutter’s most advanced and more stable build, which has a grand total of 336 consisting contributors along with a huge count of moreover 1700 commits.

Before to get more details about this update, first know what is the Flutter?

Flutter is a latest mobile app development platform which basically works on the open-source stage, which is generally in used for the building of a high performing cross-platform business mobile application which surely delivers the same UI experience on both Android and iOS as well. This application building technology requires a developer to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of dart programming language to create a code for the Flutter app.

Here’s what’s new in the Flutter 1.5?

The new Flutter update which is announced by Google which is Flutter 1.5 is coming along with the numerous updates for iOS platform and its material widgets with in-built support options for both desktop and mobile applications. The in-app purchase plugin is one of its most exciting feature which is nowadays available in the beta version for both Android and iOS environment.

The updates in Flutter 1.5 has inspired Google to change the game in all the frameworks in the cross-platform app development industry. The applications developed under the Flutter 1.5 are not merely accessible on the iOS platform, but of course, this app can be easy runs on other platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Besides this platform, the fluter apps can also be accessible on other devices like Raspberry pie, Google home Pod, Chrome OS, several other operating systems and embedded stages, and that’s the biggest and surprising update in Flutter 1.5 which is harsh;y announced by Google.

List out the major known changes in the recent update of Flutter 1.5:

  • It has several composite layers which can work likewise on all platforms.
  • Flutter requires a manual toolbar when an app comes with an editable text option.
  • It effortlessly converts the pointer-events in the application to diagnostic able.
  • It has a backdrop filter, which is used to fill its parent clip.
  • It bother-lessly removes the forcefull customization of some pointer events on an app.

Today thousands of web and app development companies are trying to catch every single update of the tech industry in a way to the powerful growth and goodwill set up of their web app building organization in a path to the delivery of awesome results. Similarly, the fastest growing IT company Inwizards also becomes the part of this race and wins the clients hearts globally with their wonderful and flawless web and app development services with the latest and awesomely performing Flutter app development stage.

Flutter 1.5: the biggest update announced by Google

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