Everything you need to know about Google Stadia

Yet you ever played and stream a wide number of games on your TV screens and mobile/tablet devices but in recent the biggest web search platform has introduced a new game development cum game streaming technology platform namely “Google Stadia.” This dev tool helps a developer to create and deliver an impactful result in the game streaming along with the high definition video streaming quality. While the game streaming services have to face some major challenges when they can be played on the previous version of computers and smartphones.

You might be thinking, what’s the stadia platform is about and how does it work and beneficial for you? So, here’s a quick faq about every aspect of the stadia platform.

What is Google stadia?

It’s a game streaming platform, which is authorized by Google and is officially unveiled by it on Tuesday on 19th March 2019. This gameplay platform enables the users and the game players to play and stream HD video games on their low-quality devices. Users can easily streamline the stadia platform-created games on any of their web server-connected devices like tablets, smartphones, desktop/laptops, television sets. As the stadia is a Google-operated game development environment hence Google will also sell a special stadia controller. Google also has a plan to upsend a huge amount of $140 billion in the gaming industry dominated by Sony and Microsoft with this new streaming high-end game development platform without buying an expensive game console, gadget, or computer. After all, it’s a high stream game platform for everyone, Google said.

Besides this, Google also explained a bit more about the working procedure of the stadia platform, as yet a gamer have to wait for long to download and install a game before start playing, but with the stadia game streaming platform the situation is just the opposite because with this gaming platform individuals can download and jump into its play option in just a few seconds (something only five seconds approx). No matter if a gamer or a user has to add any special hardware to play a game.

Meet the features of Google Stadia:

Hardware Stack:

It enhances the creative vision of the video stream of a game, thus, it prefers to be updated with each service and software requirement of stadia.

Software Stack:

This game development platform is built on an open-source along with a next-generation tool by the use of cross-platform graphics and computing APIs, which makes it easy for a developer to optimize the game for the cloud-native gaming platform.

Required Developers Tools:

This Stadia game development platform comes with several well-known game dev toolsets for every level of technology partners.

I/O Results

When a game is developed in the stadia technology, a gamer will be enabled to play a particular game in HD quality on all the devices and screen sizes, while if you are using a desktop computer or laptop to play a game you are free to use the keyboard and mouse as a game controller.

Benefits of Stadia game development platform:

Likewise, every other technology, the Google Stadia game dev platform has also its own benefits such as:

  • Easily access each latest software and hardware.
  • The device is compatible.
  • Less time is required to download and start playing a game.
  • Always updated.
  • Derive unlimited opportunities.

Hire stadia developer from Inwizards:

Inwizards is a USA-based stadia game development company, where we can do android game development with stadia and deliver the gamers a ravish feel to play a stadia-based game in HD quality. If you are also looking for Ios/iPhone game development with stadia then hire a team of stadia service providers from our firm. We will build a creative and wonderful game that can be easily accessible by each age group.

Everything you need to know about Google Stadia

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