We are well familiar with the concept that everything is possible with the use of technology. On the one side where these technologies make a human being dependent on it, and as well as on the opposite side its silently trying to beat the human by making machines. We can also assume that these machines are like a human clone, we work and behave just similar to us. Then million dollar question is, it’s really true that a technology is looking to beat us?

Well, the answer is, the concept is true but not exactly in the same manner as we are understanding it. These days a technology is brilliantly proving its presence, which is known as AI the Artificial Intelligence which is somewhere also referred to the machine learning. We can define the machine learning or AI as it is a science-based method to programming a structure or machine that can perform like a human body along with the capability to accept and feed the data in selfly. These robots kind machines are being updated itself from time to time to improve its data adapting environment and usage.

In the fact of the matter the thing is only that the human uses their mind and developed technologies and with the pass of the time they have improved it much and nowadays people worshiping the technology along with a bigger thanks that how it makes hundreds of their tasks easier by adding some interesting moves to do a particular task. Simply it shows that technology is not beating human, in fact, it encourages a human being to do everything perfectly and in less time.

Man-made technology, not technology made human, then how could a technology can beat a human. It just tries to make a human’s life pretty better in every way.

A Technology Is Trying To Beat The Human!! Really?

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