5 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Web App Development

Today we have crossed the half-century of the year 2019, and in this duration of the year, we have seen so many crests and troughs in IT and web app development industry. Where a few JavaScript frameworks are getting more attraction from the developers and web app programmers of the entire planet. Let’s check it out which JS Frameworks are getting much sparkls in this year.

  1. Angular JS

For over a half-decade the JavaScript framework namely Angular.js holds the topmost position in the queue of several JS frameworks and Js based web and app development platforms. The angular framework is counted as a best javascript framework due to it’s easy to implement way of complex code in the development tasks of an elegant web and mobile application.

  1. Meteor JS

This is a pure JavaScript inherited framework which grants the developers to build advanced and multifunctional web and mobile applications using the core javascript components. This JS framework is specially designed to build end-to-end web applications which can be excellently accessed on the user’s device with exceptional speed. This framework is come along with all the required major and minor features and functionalities to deliver an awesome front-end experience to the users.

  1. Knockout JS

This is another popular open-source JavaScript framework which also follows the Java code components in a to the development of a rich application. Knockout javascript framework was introduced before the arrival of Angular js framework but nevertheless, the knockout framework gets in the lime lite after the unexpected popularity of Angular, because this JS framework still needs a revision in few of its functionality to reach the highest popularity level among the global users.

  1. Backbone JS

Backbone is one of the much-liked javascript frameworks by every newbie and experienced web app developer across the globe due to its lightweight behavior. The famous in-trend web app portals like Pinterest, Foursquare, etc are the biggest instances of the backbone.js. This Javascript framework is easy to use and therefore the developers of every status like to work under this framework the most.

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5 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks for Web App Development

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