How to Set Up Google Analytics for Your Android App


Just how to raise application downloads that are Android? How to boost application retention? from uninstalling the application, how to prevent people? These would be the common inquiries we hear out of every client who collaborates with us for Android app development.

We propose them to possess mobile app analytics in place. What’s application stats that are mobile?

What is Mobile App Analytics?

Mobile app statistics is just a method of analysing app’s effectiveness, in terms of downloads, in- uninstalls, and app purchases, etc. It functions obtaining user behaviour data, comprehending these metrics and using it to push preservation, diamond, and transformation.

App analytics is done with Google analytics or other related tools, in regards to Android app.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes it possible to realize the performance of the app on following metrics:

 Just how many consumers have downloaded the software in total?

Exactly how many consumers are definitely utilizing the software?
How can customers communicate with the software?
✓ Which characteristics do they prefer to employ frequently?
✓ Which more downloads are generated by routes?
✓ Is software consumers that are uncomfortable to gain access to the characteristics?

Just how to Setup Google Analytics On Your Android App?

Step 1: put up or produce a new Google Analytics account.

Head to the Admin bill, that is inside the bottom corner that is remaining, and select property” that is new that is “Create. Select “Mobile app” within further, and the new property section select Google Analytics Services SDK.

Complete the application label, choose the industry, and click on Receive Tracking identity.

(you may also pick “Firebase Analytics” while in the place of “Google Analytics Companies SDK”, which include information for in-app behavioural occasions, people, conversions, attribution and lifetime worth (LTV), funnels and cohorts and lots of different added benefits)

Step 2: Set up the following identification for your software:

To start gathering individual information for your software, you ought to use a Software Development System (SDK) that links towards the Google Analytics APIs.

Download the Android-SDK

Note: touse it, your system should function 2GB of RAM (4GB encouraged), 400 MB hard drive space, caches, and Java Development Package 7, and emulator system images.

Obtain the Play Services SDK.

Getting the Play Services SDK helps you get access to additional Google solutions such as Google Analytics and Google Enjoy APIs.

Link your AdMob account to Google Analytics.

If a AdMob account was created by you’ve not yet, develop it first. You will get AdSense and an AdWords account also by making a AdMob bill.

(you should use AdMob to relate your app’s consideration in any apps market.)

Now you can set your tracking up ID, which you cando by developing a NewID or connecting to a preexisting account.
You will be capable of start to see the Google analytics info within 24 hours of setting-up the account.


Mobile app Companies use Google analytics to add their Android apps and stats together, as well as iOS apps. If you’re searching for app development and app analytics solutions, it is better to collaborate with the experienced software development firm. To help you achieve the app success that is specified.

How to Set Up Google Analytics for Your Android App

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