Sales Square "Feet on Street"


Why Sales Square ?

If you are looking to improve your products sales, via a traditional “Door to Door” marketing technique, or also want to track the performance records of every single product and whereabouts of each individual sales person, then no doubt that Sales Square "Feet on Street" which is inshort also known as FoS is the best solution. Actually, it is system which is filled with multiple advanced features and allows users to spy and track every step of a particular sales person. FoS generates a full and assured report including the in-depth sales analysis, performance of the salesman and the entire sales team all well, along with their current location. The most allure feature of this sales tracking tool is, it values your investment and can be easily customized as per company's requirement.

This tool holds the records of each sales person about all their visits, visit duration, no. of visits, location, real time, etc. Not merely this tracking system help you to stay connected with your sales team from a distance away, but of course it plans, manage and schedule a marketing strategy in a well manner way.

Sales Square "Feet on Street" creates a transparency between the both the managers and the sales executive respectively. It gives a big relaxation to the user, as this system makes a user feels free from the misery of a sales person and their generated fake sales report.

Without SalesTracker

  • You are not able to track the sales person location.
  • It's hectic and messy to well organize a door to door visit.
  • You did not get the actual performance records.
  • You did gain the real information about the sells.

With SalesTracker

  • You know well about the sales person's location.
  • You can easily get the real-time data of product performance.
  • You can easily allot work to the them in few clicks.
  • You have all the idea about your audience choice.

Plan A Tour

A sales person has to travel a long route to sell the product by knocking the doors of several home located at different areas. Their tour is generally based on the instruction of their managers. FoS itself generates the shortest distance route map for each chosen location which is more convenient for sales persons to plan their tour.


Manage Your Sales Team

Traditional marketing requires a huge team, so its not an ease task to manage the team data on paper. By doing this you need to do a lot of efforts to keep and make safe these papers. With this tool you can easily manage the full records of sales team and their performance for life long.


GPS Tracking Integration

GPS tracking is like the blessing for everyone, and mainly for the companies who need to track location of the delivered product and the sales executive as well. GPS tracker provides the exact and updated records of a persons check in check out's and achieved targets of every team member.



This is one of the most splendid gifts of technology to the human being. Geo-Fencing makes a boundary at every location and ensures the sales representative to close the product selling deal within this area.


Individual Performance Tracking

The authorized person of an organization is a person who is responsible to manage and hold and analyze all the performance records of each individual. With the tools like Sales Square "Feet on Street", these authorized person can easily holds the performance report and success chart of every team member.


Hierarchy Based Reporting

The hierarchy based reporting functionality of the FoS tool will keep users updated about all the movements of the sales operations and the sales executive. Along with this function users are able to receive and manage all the required sales information at a single place, which means its dashboard.


Cloud Database

All the data and information collected by the sales people through their door to door visits will be automatically stored and uploaded on the cloud database storage and can be easily accessed and managed at any time of day by the authorized person.


Decisions & Strategies

The management team can fairly allot the collected amount and total budget as per the sales report of every single sales product. Besides this, sales tracking system also plays a crucial role to take decisions for particular sales and marketing techniques as well.

Useful For Industries

Pharmaceuticals - for tracking their medical representatives ("MR")
Banks – for tracking their field executives generating clientele for loans/credit cards/current accounts etc.
Electronics/Electrical – for tracking their marketing team out in the field for survey/retailer appointment etc.,
Fast-moving consumer goods (FMGC) - for tracking their salesman/field force
Real Estate - to track their sales team who move along with client's for site visits, engineers who are responsible for more than one project.
Garment Manufacturers - to track their sales team who distributes samples and takes order from retailers