Shopify Vs Woo-Commerce: A Clear Way Comparision

To divert the traditional way of product selling to the in-trend online selling system, the business individuals are giving a priority to the development of a online store for their business in the figure of a well functioning e-commerce mobile application or a website through which they can easily compete with the present trend of technology and sell their products through the medium of a web server and get connected with the thousands of new audiences and customers around the world. While, in the development of a well-augmented cloud-based e-commerce store for the product selling intention, the developers like to prefer and work under the two most stylish, trendy and in-demand online store development platforms which are Shopify and Woo-commerce. The utmost equal working procedure of these two platforms creates a much confusing environment for the developers to select the best one.

To make it simple for the developers to choose a perfect web store developing stage, we did an in-depth observation of both the platforms and create this comparison report.

Shopify Vs. Woo-Commerce

They both are the awesomely performing web-store development platforms, which only works in a way to the design and development of a well conceptualize, smoothly handling, multi-featured, and aesthetic online store for product selling.

What is Shopify and Woo-Commerce?

Shopify is a complete package of online store building platform which enables the individuals to start, grow and manages the web store properly. This package is come up with several in-built amazing web store creating features like the bother less customization of the online store, multi-location selling option, responsive nature, and many more. Along with all the other features, the highly impressive of feature of this e-store developing stage is that it does works on very low-cost expenses.

While, on the second side, with the incredible downloading score of about 73,146,490 the woo-commerce e-store development stage is nowadays becoming the first preferred choice of the developers. As today of about a 30% of web stores are officially powered by the woo-commerce. While, the major count of hundreds of free and paid woo-commerce extensions makes this platform a highly demanding e-commerce development platform.

Expenses Required

The development of a well functioning online store, though its a short, medium or big level or deliver the product selling services on a domestic, national or international level requires the business individual to devote a huge capital in it. So, whether you are going with any e-store building stage Shopify or woo-commerce, you must have to make a comparison between their pricing for the development. As if you are going to choose the Shopify, then it requires you to spend an amount of $29 per month for hosting and $9 per year for the selection of a top-level domain.

On the other side, if you are planning to go with the woo-commerce platform, then it requires a bit less amount as compare to the Shopify.

How these platforms help in the increment of your product sells?

Shopify: If you are using Shopify for your e-store ,then your business will be beneficial in the following manners:

  • You can easily add unlimited products and manage its data.
  • You will analysis and track the fraud activities on your e-store.
  • Your customers can get a manual product ordering facility.
  • You can create and maintain a blog page for your e-store.
  • You can easily implement the discount and promo code offers on your site.
  • You can anytime store, manage and use the customer’s data for your product branding.

Also, on the opposite side, if you are using woo-commerce, then you will get the facilities like:

  • Alongside product selling, you can also implement the affiliate marketing tricks to get more product revenues and sells.
  • You can add and integrate an easy way of payment method to entice more customers.
  • Besides product charges, you can ask your customers for shipping and tax charges.
  • You can add multiple ranges of product and categories in your store.

Web App Security

To make secure your online product selling store from hacking and other web fraud activities, they both the platforms are trusting to provide a site security option in the form of SSL certificate. Where on the first side, the Shopify platform allow the free implementation of SSL certificate, while on the second side, woo-commerce platform sometimes requires you to pay for it.

Conclusion: They both the platforms are better and performing well on their own sectors, but, still, you need to go ahead with the e-commerce development for the building of your online store, if you are looking to get full control on your store.

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Shopify Vs Woo-Commerce: A Clear Way Comparision

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