A door to door product marketing is the oldest and cost-effective marketing strategy to enhance the sells graph of a product. From the one side, this marketing trick seems like that it is so effortless trick towards the selling of a product. All it needs just to hire some guys and allot them some areas of a city along with the sufficient stuff to sell, but, It is not as simple as it looks. In real manner, this kind of manual marketing strategy requires much more attention and as a business owner or a manager who have to manage all the responsibility for the product selling, all the time it is required for you to keep eye on every single activity of a salesman. Which is not an easy and simple task, as you have a group of the salesperson and they all are spread in every corner of the city.

Inwizards is a bunch of highly qualified and expert developers apart from this, we all are hobbyist deep thinkers. As a result of our deep thinking and concern for the marketing business persons and the sales guys, we have decided to develop an application which will allow them to detect the actual location of a sales guy along with the entire data about the product sales, collected amount, area-based route maps generation, etc. With this thinking and concept, we have successfully built our latest brand “Sales Tracker”.

This application has mainly worked on two factors, its first phase works for the marketing business owner. Through which they can track the real-time location of a salesperson, along with the track record of their sales graph, personal details, success rate, performance on the sales field, data and amount of product selling etc.

While on the other side, its second phase is working to provide a better convenience to the salesperson. As we all know that being an on-field sales person they have to travel here and there for the purpose of product selling. In this way, it’s quite difficult for them to decide a route to finish the daily task on time. The sales tracker application can generate a route map with the shortest possible way.

Sales Tracker will track the real-time location of your hired salesman

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