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Xamarin.Forms has been thriving for about good seven years. As a cross-platform application development, Xamarin had been the popular choice of developers and countless developers succeeded in it.

But as it’s said, “All good things come to an end”; similarly now it’s time to bid goodbye to Xamarin.Forms. This is because it’s time to welcome .NET Maui!

It is a multi-platform app UI and is going to be even more prominent for successful app development.

Now ofcourse you must have this question that; why switch to .NET Maui when there’s Xamarin.Forms?

So it is because .NET Maui is the expansion of Xamarin.Forms.

Advantages of .NET Maui Over Xamarin

.NET Maui offers various benefits which makes it a popular choice amongst developers for cross-platform development using .NET maui and Blazor. Let’s have a look at it!

Single development project experience

Xamarin.forms required developers to work with multiple projects targeting multiple platforms; keeping images, fonts, and platform-related code organized; and adding different dependencies, and resolving them if they’re referenced as NuGet packages. Earlier, developers didn’t have any option to do this stuff in a single project.

.NET Maui has arrived to evade these problems. .NET MAUI also supports the .NET CLI tool-chain for building, developing, running, and publishing.NET applications.

Slim Renderers

Custom renderers used in Xamarin.Forms can still work using .NET Maui by using a customizable package. However, it is recommended to migrate and use slim renderer which will help apps to become lightweight and provide greater experience.

Support Modern Patterns

Since we know that Xamarin.Forms already supports MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) and Reactive UI patterns. So in addition to it, .NET Maui supports MVU and Blazor patterns.


It provides a way to build a cross-platform frontend using a single code base. Moreover, it allows developers to write UI Code and logic in C#.


Blazor is the perfect model for building web applications. The Blazor desktop will be organized similarly to how the Electron works. And with the coming of .NET maui, blazor apps efficiency and performance increased by 2X!

Hot Reload Support

Complete hot reload support is provided by .NET Maui.

Merging Libraries

.NET Maui merges various critical libraries and provides several benefits by unifying Xamarin.Essentials with .NET Maui. Moreover, one can easily access photos, contacts, device sensors and various other services that are used on a regular basis.

To Sum Up

We hope you are now well-versed about the benefits .NET Maui has to offer over Xamarin.Forms.

Inwizards Software Technology strives to bring finest products on the table and your constant support and trust made us the market leader for Xamarin.

And with the same zeal, we continue to develop world-class .NET Maui controls that will take app development to another heights! So keep yourself in touch with us because you can expect something greater arriving from Inwizards Software Technology using .NET Maui!

Please let us know if you have any feedback or if any special requirements or controls required for Inwizards .NET MAUIsupport.