Sales Tracker


Why SalesTracker?

SalesTracker is one multi featured tool which streamlines the strategies and actions of your sales & marketing team SalesTracker improves your sales and service team's performance. In-depth sales analysis and reporting provided by our tool guarantees that your sales team, the most valuable investment is performing at the their best and gives you the data to take key decisions. This tool can be customized as per a company's business process.

When your sales employees checks in and out of customer visits with the application, their locations are recorded, the duration of the visit is calculated, and details are mapped out in real-time. This not only lets you stay connected with your team, but also helps you plan and manage your sales team, their territories and schedules in a better way.

Key managers are in sync with the day to day activities of their sales representatives. Real-time adjustments can be made in the assigned tasks. SalesTracker eliminates the gap between sales executives and management. 'Geo-Fencing', the very unique feature of this tool enables the you to authenticate the data collected. Now you need not worry about the misery of your sales force as you can totally rely on SalesTracker.

Without SalesTracker

  • No idea about whereabouts of your sales people.
  • Impossible to plan and schedule the visits.
  • No way to check attendance and visits performed.
  • No knowledge of data about company's product reach.

With SalesTracker

  • You know about your sales people's location.
  • You can assign work to the sales representatives.
  • It is easy to assess the work performed.
  • Company knows about its geographical reach.

Plan A Tour

A choice can be made from a single day's tour or a multiple days' one, and subsequently adding the locations assigned by the management. A shortest route map for those chosen locations will be automatically generated.


Manage Your Sales Team

Manage and maneuver your sales team with GPS-enabled location tracking and ticketing-based communications. Management can assign tasks to each sales personnel. All managed through an easy user interface of SalesTracker.


GPS Tracking Integration

Company can track all their sales executives' locations individually over GPS, receive updated reports about attended meetings and achieved deal progress in real time. Everything integrated to create a suitable tool for sales teams.



This feature is unique in its own way. Each allocated location will have a predefined “Geo-Fence” boundary. This will ensure the authenticity of the data collected by the sales representatives while being at the allocated locations.


Individual Performance Tracking

Authorized personnel at the company can access the Individual performance reports anytime. This enables the management to take important strategical decisions and to make amends in the roles assigned if required.


Hierarchy Based Reporting

Stay updated and keep your finger on-the-pulse of your sales operations with inbuilt hierarchy based reporting system. SalesTracker lets an user receive and manage all the information in a single dashboard.


Cloud Database

The data collected by the sales people through all the visits undertaken automatically gets uploaded to the cloud storage, which can always be accessed by the authorized personnel.


Decisions & Strategies

Management can perform fair budget allocations based on the performance reports of each sales channel. Also the decisions regarding certain sales and marketing strategies can be efficiently concluded.

Useful For Industries

Pharmaceuticals - for tracking their medical representatives ("MR")
Banks – for tracking their field executives generating clientele for loans/credit cards/current accounts etc.
Electronics/Electrical – for tracking their marketing team out in the field for survey/retailer appointment etc.,
Fast-moving consumer goods (FMGC) - for tracking their salesman/field force
Real Estate - to track their sales team who move along with client's for site visits, engineers who are responsible for more than one project.
Garment Manufacturers - to track their sales team who distributes samples and takes order from retailers