Why mobile apps are fails and are worth using? Reason and Solution

Not the development and marketing of a mobile application is an easy task nor it’s a harsh one, in fact, its completely a game of mind and we can win it, if we walk on a pre-decided strategic way.

With the enhancement in technology and per day invention of the new technology-based mobile application, from the past couple of months, it has been drastically observed that a lot of mobile applications are gone failed in the industry and are also declared worth using by the audience. Have you ever think anytime that, a developer puts all their efforts, time and money in the buildup of a mobile application, then why these mobile apps are facing hardcore failure? No. Then here is the reason and the solution as well.

1. Unstrategic Plan and Implementation

A mobile application which anyhow creates a irritation and disturbance in its usage via its look, features, and functionalities, gets consequently rejected by the users. It all happens because of a useless and unmanaged strategy for the implementation of a mobile app. Such unplanned behavior plays a major silent killer like role behind the failure of a mobile application.

While before to go for the implementation of a mobile application, it is must to create a meaningful strategy about each single step towards the mobile app development.

2. Creativeless Layout

Worst design is the another factor for the harsh rejection of a mobile app in the relevant market. Just think it yourself, why people will like anything in which they didn’t get something glittery or eye catchy. Like the attractive color combination, a unique and fresh design with and some little animations and some nice thoughts over it, etc. A lot of app designers keep their focus on to copy the designs of other applications rather than to use their own creativity.

So, when to develop a mobile application, think creatively. For this, firstly, understood the need and concept of the application and do some research about the latest design patterns and then built an app with full creativity. Keep remember the taste of your audience and try to make a app simple and elegant.

3. Uneasy Usage Experience

To stand a mobile app uniquely in the crowd, many developers prefer to add lots and lots of functionalities in a single application and make is a messy one, and they never think that such kind of uneasy behaviour of a mobile app is annoying the users and as a result, the app gets unliked by the users.

Why mobile apps are fails and are worth using? Reason and Solution

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