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Some of the software applications that Inwizards has built on behalf of our clients include:
An automated proposal generation
Work order Automation application

Out there a vast world of opportunity is awaiting your product and services, it's just the right solution and help that can lead you get hold of those prospects. We as a full IT service company, help meet your business with the right ventures that you might be in quest of. All our custom application development services are a manifestation of same where we render products that let you target and serve your end users in the best possible manner.

Inwizards Inc. outsource web design, development and app development service to help businesses operating at distance so that they can expand their reach. Software applications developed by us for our present client such as an automated proposal generation application and Work order Automation application base are best serving all their needs to influx increased returns over investment.


An Automated Proposal Generation application

Maximize your performance and win ratio by our automated proposal generation application which would help you capture every detail exactly. Create you sales proposal in a small time fraction and enhance sales effectiveness and enablement. With the help of the application you can automate you routine tasks ensuring success.


Work Order Automation Application

Automate the process of staking and work order by the virtue of our work order automation application and streamline overall utility operations. The application can effectually speedup the process of proposal development, response to REFs and presentations. Leaving behind the conventional time consuming and error prone process of staking work order, automate the workflow and reduce the time consumption and cost involved.


Mobile Application Development Services
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